Maverick, Passionate and Unconventional are just a few words that describe Chris Ryan. Mr. Ryan is an internationally recognized expert in media relations, social media, crisis and trial communications. He also has extensive expertise in high-profile image management.

Mr. Ryan is president of Ryan & Assoc. Public Relations, a Phoenix, Arizona based communications firm providing expert counsel to a variety of private, corporate and government clients worldwide. The firm is dedicated to the management of crisis and other high profile situations across the globe since 1990. Mr. Ryan continues to be in high demand as a media relations & social media, consultant, trainer and speaker.

A well-rounded and diverse background in international business, law enforcement, municipal courts, radio and television, give Mr. Ryan tremendous insight into his work and communications with clients and the news media. He speaks 3 languages and brings a wealth of knowledge, street smarts and instincts to each project that he undertakes. PIO Boot Camp Chris Ryan Bio

Mr. Ryan is a highly regarded news analyst and commentator. He has been featured on ABC World News, FOX News Channel’s “O’Reilly Factor” with Bill O’Reilly, Court TV with Nancy Grace, Inside Edition with Deborah Norville and MSNBC News. His opinions have been featured in the Chicago Tribune, Boston Globe, Washington Times, USA Today, Detroit News, Arizona Republic, New York Post, Investment News, Associated Press, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, Orlando Sentinel and Philadelphia Daily News.

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